Hello, I'm HAKAN
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full stack developer

My greatest motivation for my work has been the pleasure I get from the ability to produce something and programming has provided me with this pleasure. From my early middle school years, this motivation has helped me advance myself in programming by adding new skills. In my middle school years, I got chances to do freelance works for small businesses and this made me realise that enhancing myself in another domain is essential for programming software. Therefore I decided to concentrate on Economics in my Bachelors’ degree and successfully completed my degrees in financial accounting at Sakarya University, as well as, in economics at Anadolu University. After that, I started to work in Yasar Yazilim, where I have been using my knowledge in economics and programming. Accordingly, conducting project management and advancement in Yasar Yazilim concerning B2B/B2C and various accounting projects helped me to reach my goals.
Currently, I am actively producing software projects in various areas such as insurance sector with economics being the main target of my work. As well as these I am completing my MBA masters’ dissertation on analytical analysis on the comparison of risk management factors in software companies, which could give me a chance to accelerate the development processes and design targets with high accuracy in the software projects.